Film Festival

Sept. 16 - 19, 2021

Top of the City : Local Shorts Program
Sunday, August 21, 2016 at 9:30 pm at Eyedrum

87m TRT

Kiss of Death
(10m, USA) dir. by Timothy Collins and Jillian Kibler  - film website

A black-and-white neo-noir short film about a young thief and his wife who prepare to flee town by sunrise, until the arrival of a mysterious stranger changes everything.

Life After Men  

(26m, U S A) dir. by Ricky Hess  - film website

In a near future Orwellian world, men are outlawed and tracked down my manhunters looking for underground males and any deviant females not following the new world order controlled by the server.​

The Mother Load 
(7m, USA) dir. by Nicole Kemper  - film website

'The Mother Load' is a comedy web series about two friends: Carrie, a by-the-book, first time parent, and Astrid, a parent of two with a more laid back approach.

The Plight of the Troll
(4m, USA) dir. by Michael Hale

A look into the underworld of trolls.

Fenrik the Troll
(7m, USA) dir by Mike Hale

After seeing a little girl carrying a basket of muffins, a hungry troll devises a series of traps to catch her.

Bring Your Dog to Pike Day

(2m, USA) Parker Estopinal

An animated short on man's best friend.

Fresh Murph's 34 in 1 Men's Shower Gel

(2m, USA) Parker Estopinal

A truly unique shower gel has some great uses!

Hotel Clermont

(29m, U S A)dir. by Heather L. Hutson  - film website

​This documentary short film honors the Clermont: a place all Atlantans know of, but few know. The hotel intrigues all walks of life. Part of the fascination is due to its basement tenant: Atlanta’s oldest strip club. This dive bar is famous locally and internationally among counter culture locals and touring rock bands, but the residents who rented rooms in the hotel upstairs occupied even further-outlying corners of Atlanta society. It is their stories we aim to tell.

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