Strange Phenomena Shorts Block
Screens Saturday, August 20, 2016 at 6:00pm at Sychronicity Theatre
82 min. TRT

Death and the Maiden
(6m, France) dir. By Matthieu Di Stefano

Coré, a young woman, is asleep. She wakes up to find a bright and strange sphere flying besides her. Magic happens, seduction operates instantaneously and the sphere grows stronger, rhythm gets faster and the light gets brighter. Mesmerized by the sphere and the relationship both developed with each other, Coré is gradually letting herself go and suck towards an unknown destination. 

(22m, Poland) dir. by Radoslaw Pietruczuk - film website

During the night journey on a long-distance train Adam meets a mysterious person who will change his life for ever.​

Sleep On It
(5m, USA) dir. by Nathan Breton

Doug's new bed changes his life.

Mirror Lies
(5m, ÜSA) dir. by Adam Rosenberg

​A fast paced amalgam of absurdity made with fried chicken, musical instruments, candy, and innuendo.

(7m, Sweden) dir. by Finn Deivert

A late night at the office turns in to a nightmare when a copywriter realizes he might not be alone.

The Life and Times of Thomas Thumb Jr.
(12m, USA) dir. by Ryan Fox  -  film website

Thomas Thumb Jr. is unlike any other man. He has a giant thumb for a head and he'll do whatever it takes to achieve the American Dream.

(11m, USA) dir. by Christopher McKee  - film website

A romantic encounter in the not-so-normal life of a girl named Sandra. A love letter to the films of David Cronenberg and Wes Anderson, this dark comedy explores the themes of young love, parental guidance, obsession, and pleasure.

(4m, U S A) dir. by Max Colson  -  film website

A man has a mental breakdown while taking a shower, and his only hope is his little pupper, Poochini.

Being Glen: A Puppeteer’s Story
(10m, USA) dir. By Xavier Jordan

A compelling documentary about a passionate puppeteer living with his parents.

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