15m, U S A, dir. by Rodrigo Zanforlin - thriller, crime

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An awkward and abused young man wants to break free from his demented father after they rob a bank.

Burn the River Down
4m, USA, by Shawn Engler - music video 

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Written and Performed by Elli Perry.

Pet Monkey
8m, U S A, dir. by Eric Maira - dark comedy

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A date night turns ugly when a persistent boyfriend offers to buy his girlfriend a monkey.

Other People
3m, Canada, by Michael York - comedy

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O.P. follows Manny and Betty Lou's relationship over a one year period. We witness the gradual void grow until someone reaches a breaking point.

10m, U S A, dir. by Jon Rhoads, Mike Marrero - drama

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It was just another normal meeting at the rape survivor support group until a bloody woman walked in, drink some coffee and told her story about a bad man with a bad tattoo and revenge.

The American Dream
7m, USA, by
Kimberly Bustamante, Walker Whited - drama

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A young woman and her hard working father face the emotional struggles a family with undocumented status go through.

Love Leaves It’s Abusers Shorts Block #5

Screens Saturday, Aug. 19 at 3:00pm

at Synchronicity Theatre

75 min. TRT

14m, U S A,  dir. by Jesse R. Tendler - drama

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After over 20 years with no contact, Ryan discovers that his absentee father is terminally ill and decides to confront him on his deathbed about his past transgressions.

The Evans Girl
14m, USA, by Val Jashari - drama

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Eliza Evans, a quiet thirteen year old girl learns how to become a woman from her distraught mother who abandoned her two years ago.