The Herd
(11m, USA) dir. by Colin Borden

In a post apocalyptic world a nuclear family struggles to survive at any cost.

(1m, USA) dir. by Alex Mangen

Tired? Overweight? You're probably eating spiders! Order ArachNO! today.

(16m, USA) dir. by Doug Roland  - film website

Jada is 7 years old. Jada lives alone on Venice Beach. By following her through a day in her life, the story of who she is, why she is there, and the identity of the man who has come looking for her unfolds.

Wolf Spirit
(9m, USA) dir. By Christopher Leary

Chewed up and left to die, a hardened runaway accepts a life-altering proposition from a powerful tradesman.

Behind the Wall
(17m, USA) dir by Bat-Sheva Guez   -  film website

In this magical realism tale, an injured young dancer flees her old life and moves into a strange dilapidated apartment - an apartment with a view into a world that moves to its own distinct rhythm.

(12m, USA) dir. by Jonathan Guggenheim
Neil, a graphic designer, is under extreme pressure to create a logo for a new men's shampoo.

Damon at 86th Street
(8m, USA) dir. by Emily Sheskin -  film website

Damon C. Scott is a well known subway and street performer, but he's also the voice of the #1 hit song "Look Right Through" (by Storm Queen, remixed by DJ Mark "MK" Kinchen).

Pete Tender
(10m, USA) dir. by Luis Goyanes, Tony Perzow
Pete Tender, a grown man in his mid 30's, wakes up one morning next to his one night stand. He must get her out of his bed and out the door as soon as possible.

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