Film Festival

Sept. 16 - 19, 2021

Hello Earth Short Film Program
Screens Saturday, August 20, 2016 at 9:30pm at Sychronicity Theatre
87 min. TRT

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Nocturnes: The Paintings of Eric Merrel
(6m, USA) dir by Alec Ernest 

Los Angeles artist Eric Merrell is best known for "Nocturnes", a series of abstract desert works that he has painted all over Southern California, each solely by the light of the moon. In our latest documentary short from director Alec Ernest, we take an overnight trip with the artist to Joshua Tree National Park, where night falls and the desert takes on a surreal and mysterious beauty, where edges blur and shapes transform, and solitude takes on a whole new meaning. 

(3m, Netherlands) dir. by Natali Voorthuis  -  film website

A man is hit by Cupid's arrow and falls in love with a girl. Unfortunately she's already in love with someone else. This makes him question Cupid's ways and doubt his existence. This music video was made in 2014 for the Dutch band The Kik.

Frontier Journals 07: Tree Begins Life, Indians Still Live Here
(7m, USA) dir. by Georg Koszulinski  - film website

This land is not really your land.

Beyond You and I
(4m, USA) dir. By Mike Sal  - film website

​Interplanetary conflict has given the citizens of Dance cause to travel far beyond their own galaxy in hopes of discovering a whole new world - only together is there any hope of returning home.

Dog Bowl
(19m, USA) dir. by Gordy Hoffman  -  film website

​A heartbroken girl spiraling through life stumbles upon the true nature of her existence after stealing the vest off of a service dog.

Pronghorn Revival
(7m, USA) dir. by Ben Masters

​Texan Wildlife Biologists are fighting for the future of Pronghorn Antelope by helicopter-netting over 100 individuals from a surplus population, transplanting them to a restoration area, and reestablishing an iconic species in the vast landscapes of West Texas.

About Death
(7m, South Korea) dir. by Eunjae Lee

​While giving us tears, death also sheds light on something that is most valuable in one's life. The death of fish is familiar. But there was one afternoon that I felt unfamiliar with the death of fish on the cutting board. “About Death” is a story about the unfamiliarity towards death.

City Bus
(13m. USA) dir. by Lauren Hoekstra

​A young woman who has peopled her world with imaginary gods and deities boards her usual bus to work, only to find the gods have commandeered it and are taking her back to the day she stopped living in reality. 

The Edge
(17m, France) dir. by Simon Saulnier​  -  film website

In a near future, in the heart of a forest in the North where anarchy reigns, a young girl Hawa and her father live as refugees along with other survivors. Hawa’s life changes during a food pillage. She loses what she holds most dear to her and launches on a journey to the edge of the forest to find the thieves.

(4m, Germany) dir. by Daniel Ahrens

For the past two years my dad has been suffering from a rare kind of blood cancer. After witnessing how horrible cancer is for patients as well as everyone around them, I wanted to visualize, through film, this awful disease that has plagued so many individuals and families.

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