"It’s Not The End of The World" - The Hide
(4m, Czech Republic) dir. by Marielle Tepper  -  film website

​Set in a surreal retro futuristic world, we examine the future of modern society, particularly with regard to the unanticipated consequences our species.

(12m, USA) dir. by H. Paul Moon  -  film website

The word apostasy evokes abandonment and renunciation. Projected into our world of epidemic gun violence, “Apostasy” is a film about shaking free from conflict, and destroying oneself – to embrace apostasy, and find peace. Filmmaker H. Paul Moon’s floating camera, Paul Singh’s dance drama, and Chester Hawkins’ bracing score combine into this transcendent work of dance film beyond borders.

The Snail
(7m, U S A) dir. by Kyle Kolding

A surreal short film made by Patrick Phelps and Kyle Kolding telling the tale of life told through the eyes of a snail. When a branch snaps in the wind, the snail is thrown into a world of terror, madness, insanity and redemption. Shot in infrared and visible spectrum, this film attempts to show you something you've never seen before. Featuring music by Arizona based band decker

The Page
(3m, USA) dir. By Giovanni Lodigiani

The story centers on a page found in the woods in 1879. It will become a chilling prediction.

(16m, USA) dir by Michael Lippert  -  film website

An aging inventor with questionable sanity is determined to prevent his wife's murder. His method: a 16mm film projector.

Mob Speak Institute
(7m, USA) dir. by Daniel Mahon and Greg Peduto   -  film website

After a gangland rise & fall, a mobster puppet starts a school for crooks and he wants YOU to join the criminal conspiracy.

City Crush
(13m, Australia) dir. by Mia Forrest  -  film website

A lavish thug poaches an exotic young trophy-boy and smuggles him into City Crush. When our would be ivory concubine escapes during his own sale he must navigate the desolation, boredom, and deviant lust of the locals. 

Riptide Rhapsody
(7m, USA) dir. by Kenton Brett and David Jarred

Five furry and fluffy friends are swept out to sea and into an amazing adventure. They encounter sea monsters, robots, and mutants in this stylistically inventive and hand-made animation.

(10m, USA) dir. by Whitney Stephenson  - film website

Tom is a Dream Watchman who is content with a routine life of watching and observing. When seven year old, optimistic Julie escapes her dream, Tom's routine structure comes crashing down. Unknowingly, Julie's child-like thinking gives Tom a new perspective.

Memoirs in Symphony
(8m, USA) dir. by Emily Kaitlyn Hunter  - film website

A series of unrelated interviews find connection through the power of human emotion.

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