Death at One’s Elbow Shorts Program

7:30 PM - Saturday October 10, 2015  / 82  min.


dir. by Jeffery Wang  17 min 39 sec , USA, Comedy, Horror, When an enigmatic traveler with an unusual lifeline pays a visit to Madame Golorio's psychic parlor, the ailing palm reader is compelled to take the future into her own hands. Lifeline is a darkly comedic exploration of the depths one person will sink to save herself and the lengths another will go to in order to lose himself. The brainchild of director Jeffery Wang, it's a slapstick, bloody battle between mortality and immortality


dir. by Cristian Sulser 11 min 45 sec, Switzerland, Comedy

Theo lives just such a dull routine in his allotment shed, his passion for his wife Barbara long gone. In secret, he imagines what it would be like to get away from this bleak, empty existence with Barbara. Their weekly Scrabble game presents unexpected opportunities - is it possible that a few simple letters could bring Theo`s dark fantasies to reality? That a chosen word determines fate? Is it possible to murder Barbara?


dir. by Nathan Hoffman  8 min 30 sec, USA,  Horror, Fantasy Lucy gives her eight-year-old daughter Dani a toy telephone made from two tin cans and a string. However, when they move into a new house and Dani goes missing, a much more sinister voice begins to echo out of the telephone.

My Brother's Stocking 
dir. by Hannah Field, 2 min, USA, Animation, Family, Drama 
A family of robins who inhabit a hollowed out space in the wall of a London building. One summer day, the two baby brothers are playing outside when one of them is killed by a kitten. Shock and sadness come upon the whole bird family. As they grieve, they are confronted with a decision to either take the path of anger and bitterness, or to take the path of grace and joy. 

Shadow Theory
dir. by Kristian Hanson, 15 min 46 sec, USA, Horror, Crime 
While battling her own demons, Detective Olson is determined to catch a sadistic killer. The only clues left behind are the victim's bloody remains and the sole survivor, a 17 year old boy. While they try to determine why the boy's family was targeted, the boy begins to question human nature, and the evil that could be lurking deep inside us all.

dir. by Bryan Tan 12 min 18 sec, USA,  Drama, Thriller, Crime,    A woman is haunted by the memory of a heinous crime and the youthful face of its perpetrator. 

Tennessee Two Step 
dir. by Bryan Redding, 13 min 10 sec, USA, Film Noir, Drama, Thriller, Crime 
Reed Constance has spent his entire life juggling his skill sets and the groups of people those skills bring him in contact with. Today is proving an exceptionally challenging one for him. Whether he is dealing with low life thieves or angry mob bosses, Reed has discovered that the only way to keep alive is to stay ahead. And right now, Reed finds himself one step from the door and two steps from safety

Join us October 9 - 10, 2015 at the doogallery in Atlanta, Georgia