The Boy with the Thorn in His Side Shorts Program

9:15 PM - Saturday, October 10, 2015  / 85 min

Born Into This
dir. by Lea Scruggs, Sean Ryon , 23 min 28 sec, USA, Documentary, Family 
Is Sherif Younan helping his son succeed as a professional boxer, or pushing him too far?

Dennis Doesn't Live Here Anymore

dir. by Michael Nardelli 15 min, USA, Comedy, Drama 
With his halcyon days of youth now a distant memory, former prankster Dennis Mitchell must come to grips with a world that no longer makes sense. Haunted by the absence of Mr. Wilson and abandoned by friends who've embraced their adult lives, Dennis must overcome a personal crisis that can't be solved with smirks and giggles. As he approaches the twilight of his Quarter Life years, Dennis is forced to make peace with a generation of unmet needs...and where is Mr. Wilson?

Before We Meet 
dir. by Randy May , 3 min, USA, Comedy, Drama

A man and woman rehearse what they will say in front of a mirror before a big date. As their imaginary conversation unfolds, it becomes clear they're not quite on the same page.

On Campus with Jack and Randle
dir. by Shawn McDaniel, Corey McDaniel, 8 min 31 sec, USA, Animation
Two college losers have limited channels in their dorm due to the prig Manciple Jones. A t.v. commercial incites them with a homicidal option to put an end to his pedantry.

The Last Summer Of My Youth
dir. by Preston Jeter, 7 min 22 sec, USA, Comedy 
A young man's decision to runaway from a dying mining town may make all the difference to those he leaves behind. Or no difference at all.

Dream Writers
dir. by Nathan Bach,  25 min 32 sec, USA, Comedy

After an office shake-up, two best friends who write dreams are paired up with an offbeat new employee. The group battles changing relationships and workplace politics as they struggle to maximize their dreamer’s potential.

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