Film Festival

Sept. 16 - 19, 2021

The Unquenchable Thirst for Beau Nerjoose

(96m, USA) dir. by Johnny Buell

This absurd tale follows an apathetic man-child, Ron, on a journey to restore the spirit of his catatonic mother. Meeting friends along the way, this ridiculous, drug-filled musical expedition uncovers not only the secrets behind his mother’s current state, but a mystery surrounding the purpose of the Universe. That’s when things really get insane. Between encounters with booty-worms, tittle-maggots, and a flying penis-helicopter, Ron must not only save his mother, but also help his new space-nun friends and defeat the ultimate cause of his consternation: Dr. Beau Nerjoose


4:00pm, Saturday, August 20, 2016 at Sychronicity Theatre and
Sunday, August 21, 2016 at 7:30 pm at Eyedrum

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