​A Deer Lost in the Woods
Director Camilo Diazm - USA - 15 min. -  horror

Francis K. is a man who can't have sex. His therapist doesn't know why. He doesn't know why. In trying to understand, Francis embarks on a fever dream that leads to more confusion.

For Hire
Director Alexandra Trow - USA - 9 min. - comedy

When a hedge fund manager pays a barista to take her virginity, they both try to make sense of what they’ve signed up for – and why. In this one-take short film, the two strangers challenge each other’s preconceptions, and end up connecting over more than just money.


​I Would Do Anything For Love
Director Lindsay Clift - USA - 5 min. - comedy

After a young mother of two is coerced into a fancy dinner with her loving but self centered husband she is confronted with a proposition she is unprepared for.

​Monkey-Love, Please Hold
Director Greg Fox - Canada - 23 min. - comedy

An offbeat dark comedy that follows the life of the reclusive, heartbroken and karaoke loving Ben. When he receives an unsolicited package from a mysterious delivery man, his stale dreary life is turned upside down, taking him on a wild ride that brings a new love into his life.

Sweat of His Cow
Directors John Stuart Wildman, Alan Smithee - USA - 6 min. - comedy

From the depths of someone's lost VHS tapes is this story of an impossibly gorgeous doctor lawyer who runs out of gas next to a barn where an impossibly sweaty man is milking a cow. A sexy relationship ensues where they learn that gas is just the beginning, milk is always the end.

12:35 PM - Sunday, August 21, 2022 at RoleCall Theater

​Fuck Film: A Love Story
Director Neil Ira Needleman - USA - 3 min. - experimental

Faux autobiography. Faux nostalgia. Real porn (a cropped clip from an old movie). Also real: the contrast between a seemingly long-lost time of innocent lasciviousness and today's vicious world of public shaming and online revenge. Makes you yearn for simpler days, doesn't it?

​V for Vulva
Director Destiny Greer - USA - 9 min. - experimental

A look at women's experiences through the physical definitive of societies categorization of women - the Vulva. The film utilizes brazen imagery and scattered sound to pull the viewers focus on the uncomfortable, when in reality it is normal life. 

Director Bodi Rajkumar - 13 min. - India

A tale of power and abuse, which involves a young nun and two other men in their purgatorial routine.