The Coupon
Director Laura Seay - USA - 18 min. 

A woman finds herself embroiled in a Kafkaesque legal nightmare when her husband gives away the cutesy romantic coupon she made for him to a stranger, and that stranger shows up on her doorstep demanding she honor it.

Brew Story
Director Jake Barcus - USA - 5 min. 

Desperate to stay awake, one man journeys to great lengths for a cup of coffee.

At the Strawberry Stand
Directors Gerald Gerhard Pribek, Marc Weber - Austria - 6 min. 

A guy stops to buy a basket at a Strawberry Stand. His daydream starts when he immediately falls in love at first sight with the sales woman. Will his future vision make him smarter?

4:20 PM - Saturday, August 20, 2022 at RoleCall Theater

Director Lilly Lion - USA - 9 min.

In an attempt to pay her student loans, a recent college graduate caters to a man with a cow fetish after answering a Craigslist ad.

The Pardoner's Sale
Director George N Koulouris - USA - 16 min.

A con artist selling door-to-door redemption is thwarted when she swindles a seemingly nice suburban couple only to uncover the dark underbelly of till death do us part.

Director Tracie Laymon - USA - 15 min. 

A woman with a lot of baggage falls in love with a man haunted by his past. Literally.


Loves Me, Loves Me Not
Director Bret Koehler - USA - 7 min.

Two middle-aged quirky singles meet for their first date and everything seems to be perfect. 

However, among all of the outrageous revelations of themselves, there is one deal breaker. 

Could This Have Been An Email
Directors Nicole Kemper, Sarah Alison Hodges - USA - 5 min. 

Three coworkers struggle with the horrific possibility of speaking with a customer on the phone.