Directors Kevin Saunders, Peter Luis Zimmerman - USA - 13 min. - drama

Troubled by the weight of the world, drug dealer Gabe tries to find solace by disconnecting from the world around him. This temporary peace is soon disrupted by his "friend" Ty, who is an abrupt reminder of the demons Gabe is trying to fight.

​Masterclass: The Patrice Gaines Story
Director Chiquita Lockley - USA - 15 min. - drama

In 1970, a young Patrice Gaines was arrested in the deep South and falsely charged with drug trafficking stemming from a botched police sting. Fifty years later, this Pulitzer Nominated Washington Post journalist still carries the designation of "felon" for a crime she didn't commit. This short film is adapted from her bestselling memoir, Laughing In The Dark.

​Heavy: The Tale of Two Junkies
Director Benjamin Rummans - USA - 11 min. - dark comedy

We go on a journey with two Heroin addicts, Brain and Dead, as they try to scratch together enough money to get their much needed fix, by any means necessary.

Director Benjamin J Murray - USA - 17 min. - comedy

When a new "love drug" is released, two seemingly compatible people decide if dating is worth the risk to find true love or if all their problems can be solved in one little pill.

1:15 PM - Saturday, August 20, 2022 at RoleCall Theater

Rachel's Law
Director Cameron Ilan - USA - 14 min. - documentary

A true story about a young hippie college girl who works with the police to target two suspected drug dealers from the ghetto, in the biggest drug bust of the Tallahassee police department history.

Sweet Temptations
Director William Thomason - USA -  12 min. - comedy

Sweet Temptations follows a jaded college student, Reese, who works for a local cookie delivery company. At the hands of a nefarious drug dealer, Reese accepts a risky yet lucrative opportunity to peddle edibles through her company. As an aspiring lawyer, she is torn between funding her future and escaping the drug game before she's the one behind bars.