Bad Dream
Director Camilo Diaz - USA - 5 min. 

A spoken word piece written and narrated by Colby Hollman (Fear the Walking Dead) that creates a visual representation of the black zeitgeist processing the violence of white supremacy.

Under My Skin
Director Liam Azogui - USA - 16 min. - horror

Caroline just can't help herself.

Send Me A Color
Director Molly Tomecek - USA - 5 min. - drama

A young successful woman, Mae, lives alone and sends more than she is comfortable with in hopes of holding the attention of a man who is texting her.

Director Arthur Fanget Fanget - France - 9 min. 

1917, on the desert battlefront of a war for resources, Marcel is assigned a crucial message for the french trenches.

Director Sujin Kim - USA - 8 min. - animation

During World War II, numerous girls and women were lured by fake promises to the Comfort Stations around the world where they were forced into sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army. Half a century later, the surviving victims in South Korea decided to give their testimonies to the world telling their horrible memories in the Comfort Stations and life-long traumas. 

4:20 PM - Friday, August 19, 2022 at RoleCall Theater

After Laughter
Director Hannah Patterson - USA - 16 min. - drama

Muted by the death of her best friend, a music student is haunted by the past as she loses her grip on the present.

Directors Taibi Magar, Tyler Dobrowsky - USA - 15 min. - documentary/experimental

Two lifelong artistic collaborators have a conversation. After a year of reckoning, can they navigate the painful limitations of their relationship for the sake of friendship and art?

Call End
Director Hakima Benjamin - USA - 8 min. - drama

16-year-old Daniel is excited, he just graduated from the Youth Law Enforcement program for young teens who want to pursue a career in law enforcement. During his short walk home, Daniel encounters a few unsavory officers. Scared and alone, Daniel contacts his parents . When Daniel’s parents finally arrive at his location, the situation intensifies and Daniel's life will never be the same.

​When It Stops
Director Megan Mayes - USA - 4 min. - drama

Lucy accepts a harrowing dance with the past.


Aww, Shit!
Director Gibbs Ryals - USA - 6 min. - dark comedy

A Hitman faces his biggest challenge yet when a woman named Jessica hires him to murder her wife Tabitha.