1:15 PM - Friday, August 19, 2022 at RoleCall Theater

​Household Demons
Director John Gray -USA - 9 min.

A young boy is forced to deal with the entity that possesses his mother.

Director Rachel S. Thomas-Medwid - USA - 16 min. 

A hard-core female chef looking to make a romantic connection fights off primitive impulses during a series of dates as memories of her mentally ill mother bleed into current-day life.


Director Rod Blackhurst - USA - 10 min. 

A mysterious sound, a mother stricken with madness, and two daughters caught in a fight for survival.

Directors Dan Repp, Lindsay Young - USA - 16 min.

A teenage cutter in recovery and her overbearing mother are haunted by a ghost who seeks to keep them at odds.

Hard As It Gets
Director Darren Haskins - USA - 22 min. 

While going door to door seeking votes cocky city councilman, Ernie Torres, gets caught up in a sticky situation with a disturbing man that has a thirst for corrupted individuals.


Director Colin Earner - USA - 17 min. 

A young boy is dealing with the growing erratic and hostile behavior of his dementia afflicted grandmother. With her health rapidly deteriorating, he will bear witness to a cryptic family ritual involving a black ooze seeping tree stump and uncover a secret that stretches far back into the past.