Director Felix Crumbsy - USA - 11 min. - drama

After being commissioned for a new painting , a young artist finds herself at her wits end as she struggles with anxiety and an overbearing client.

​​10:35 PM - Sunday, August 21, 2022 at RoleCall Theater

​The Meaning of Movement: Xavier Lewis
Director Antonio R. Garcia - USA - 4 min. - documentary

A short, experiential look into what movement, music, art and Hip Hop means to Xavier Lewis, a professional choreographer and artist.

Hard Pill to Swallow
Director Maddy Otto - USA - 6 min. - drama

Ainsley lives in a world where pills replace a natural consumption of food, emotions, and entertainment. She must decide what to do when Josh comes over, and she is out of intimacy pills.

Director Eric Krasle - USA - 12 min. - horror

MINE! tells the story of Ink$y, a world-renowned tattoo artist who mysteriously goes missing, and the lengths some would go for a piece of his art.

zeitgeist processing the violence of white supremacy.

Out Of Order
Director Mason James Gillard - USA - 5 min. - sci-fi

A starving survivor in an apocalyptic wasteland struggles to stay alive and must gather enough currency to use a vending machine.


So Random
Director Khidhar Jabari - USA - 10 min. - drama

Jalen tries experimental therapy that allegedly helps people cope with looming trauma.

Director Andi Behring - USA - 7 min. - drama

Two sisters are under harsh investigation as they get their story straight about a fateful encounter at a party the night before.

Director Madison Hatfield - USA - 11 min.

The fat bassist of an otherwise thin girl punk band must stand up for herself when her friend and bandleader suggests wearing orange peels as bikini cups during their album cover shoot.


Director Nolan Huber-Rhoades - USA - 5 min. - music video

Paying homage to the 90s hip-hop legends, Bellringer is an aggressive stomper with hard-hitting lyrics and masterful storytelling bound up in a cinematic experience that explores liberation—and the personal and structural obstacles that prevent us from achieving it.

Late Bloomer Burst
Director Caleb C. Lorentz - USA - 15 min. - thriller

A socially inept man sees a woman that he is intrigued by at a bar, so he decides to follow her home.

Director Daniel Kumi - USA - 11 min. - drama

A lonely drifter in a post-apocalyptic world attempts to protect a new plant only to be challenged by another survivor with alternative views.

​The Hallowed
Director J. Equinox - USA - 8 min. - horror

In a city ravaged by a mysterious infection, two former cult members discover medicine can save the third member of their group.

situation intensifies and Daniel's life will never be the same.