Director Neil West - United Kingdom - 12 min. - drama

A woman risks everything to try and protect an asylum seeker in a totalitarian society in which all borders are militarized.

The Sprayer
Director Farnoosh Abedi - Iran - 10 min. - animation

In the land occupied with the sprayers army, no one has the right to grow any kind of plants either in public or private.

d's first robot deity unveiled at a Buddhist monastery in Japan.

Director Walker Joseph Hanley - USA - 5 min. - drama

An American soldier and two German soldiers cross paths amidst the first snowfall in Belgium of 1944.

The Show Must Go On
Director Chase Gutzmore - USA - 14 min. - drama

Actress Porshe is in town to visit her family on a 2-week break from her hit broadway show. However, the future of the show gets put in jeopardy once she finds out a secret her brother Tony has been keeping from her while she's been away…


Pearl Derringer - Little Baby (feat. Margo Price)
Director Kimberly Stuckwisch - USA - 4 min. - music video

In a time when social media dominates the collective consciousness, how do we decipher what is authentic and what is a manipulation of reality.

7:20 PM - Sunday, August 21, 2022 at RoleCall Theater

The Earth Will Not Swallow Us
Director Olubajo Sonubi - USA - 10 min. - drama

A first-gen interracial couple of Yoruba and Indian descent, waver under the cultural pressure to start a family while privately struggling with infertility.

Extra Innings
Director John Gray - USA - 9 min. - drama

A reporter interviews the manager of the Boston Red Sox in an attempt to uncover secrets from his past.

Directors Vergi Rodriguez, Diana Zollicoffer - USA - 8 min. - drama

Lily Cruz, a DACA recipient, travels on a medical volunteer mission and upon returning to the USA a TSA agent isn’t so welcoming.

Being X in America
Directors Malik J. Ali, Chozy Aiyub - USA - 11 min. - drama

A psychological drama that exposes the solitary racism that we latch on to beyond the day to day experiences.