Director Andrew Edison - USA - 13 min. 

A troubled teen takes his childhood babysitter hostage after she uncovers his deadly plan.

​Black Dragon (Rồng đen)
Director Alexander Thompson - USA - 15 min. 

Vietnam, 1968. A feared American colonel nicknamed “the Black Dragon” by Vietnamese locals must face his inner shadow when his platoon presents him with a captured Vietcong girl who harbors some very unusual powers. 

Director Jeremiah Kipp - USA - 13 min. 

Upon the untimely death of their father, two siblings return to their family home and find a mysterious young woman living there.

​​2:10 PM - Sunday, August 21, 2022 at RoleCall Theater

The Last Christmas
Director Ryan Port - Canada - 12 min. 

A mischievous 8-year-old girl unleashes a twisted Christmas nightmare, when her plans to capture Santa Claus go horribly wrong.

Return to Sender
Director Russell Goldman - USA - 18 min.

From producer Jamie Lee Curtis comes a chilling short story about a woman involved in a delivery scam that grows increasingly strange.


​Black Creek Trail 
Director Soma Helmi - USA - 11 min. 

A woman on a solo backpacking trip battles her intuition when she encounters a friendly and overly helpful hiker whom she can't seem to shake.