​​Break Things & Run
Director Ramsey Telhami - 15 min. - USA

After making an impossible decision in the field, a career warrior attempts to naturalize in a new country.

Saturday, September 18, 2021 at Ammazza Edgewood

7:30 PM - Filmmakers Drinks and Pizza

8:40 PM -  Outdoor Screenings of some of our attending filmmakers projects

Ammazza Edgewood

Address: 591 Edgewood Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30312

Free Parking in the Thumbs-Up parking lot. Films screening behind the building. Limited Seats available. Bring a chair!

Director Alex Wroten - 18 min. - USA

The world of easy-going teenager Roger Burns flips upside-down after he’s seduced into a late night swim with his girlfriend and contracts a rare, endangered parasite.

All Roger wants to do is get back to adolescent frivolities and basketball, but everyone from his parents, to his doctors, to animal rights groups, have their own opinions about what he needs to do with his life.


Trash Boy
​Directors Aaron Strand, Cooper Bucha - 11 min. - USA

Has garbage got you down? Has filth filled your mind? Is disgust a must? Welcome to the putrid world of Trash Boy. In this David Lynch meets Quentin Tarantino short film two stain-crossed lovers come face to face. The result? One nasty catastrophe.


Directors Eric Castaneda, Alex Parkinson - 5 min. - USA

A series of off-topic conversations derail a budget planning meeting, leading some team members to question their careers.

This Is Our Home
Director A.K. Espada - 14 min. - USA

When a bleeding-heart vegan and her pragmatic roommate's rodent infestation intensifies, they find themselves at odds regarding methods that are inhumane yet effective.

​​Good Head
Director Matt Servitto - 30 min. - USA

When Hollywood mega-star Cooper Bradley goes to a special effects lab in Atlanta to get his head molded--all hell breaks loose--and he has to not only get his head --but his very soul-- back from the VFX master who cast it.