Escape Artist 
Director Eli Thomas - 4 min. - USA

A woman pulls off what we all wish we could do to exit an all too familiar and awkward situation.

Director Edward J Douglas - 4 min. - Canada

When Melody decides to swipe a few hot guys on her augmented reality dating app, she meets her match in a man who may be more—or less—than meets the eye…

Happy Trails
Director Amy Blanc Lacy - 20 min. - USA

During the pandemic, a young woman makes a plan to meet her therapist in the mountains but as she hits the trail alone, nothing goes as planned.

When the Blood Dries Brown
Director Lorin Dent - 12 min. - USA

From the east, a storm carries the waves. The river banks crawl towards the house of old man Benson, steadfast in his isolated home. His loneliness protects him, but when the storm comes, it brings an unwanted memory, his daughter Gabriella. The waters wash the history from the land leaving only one question. Where will you be When the Blood Dries Brown?


​4:20 PM - Saturday, September 18, 2021 at RoleCall Theater

Space Case
Director Zachary T Scott - 18 min. - USA

Space Case follows Bobbie Almond, a social outcast who has dreams to escape her small town life. She has a ticket to Mars! But when Bobbie's ticket to a new life gets stolen by her super Preppy sister, she's forced down a road of conformity, to be a part of the town's Beauty pageant! Will she conform? Or will she bail and follow her dreams!

Director Mikhail Tot - 14 min. - USA

After a rough divorce Dave decides to come back to his hometown and he finds it exactly how he left it. Some things just don't change.

Away From It All
Director Mason Thorne - 6 min. - USA

Held hostage by her insurance company’s automated call tree, Shannon heads to the beach in a futile attempt to get away from it all.

Ms. Rossi
Director Pat Battistini - 5 min. - Italy

While on her way to a business meeting, Ms. Rossi takes an interesting detour.