Things Are Looking Up
Director Nicolas P. Villarreal - 8 min.- Argentina

Immersed in her phone, a girl uses a Taxi-GO! App. The driver is a little unusual. He likes flowers.

The Fuzzies
Director Josh Funk - 8 min. - USA

A man wakes up locked in a strange bathroom where something is lurking behind the walls.

The Box Fort
Director Brian Klewin - 4 min. - USA

A single mom and her two kids construct a massive box fort with the empty moving boxes in their new home. After the power goes out, the mom is haunted by something demonic from inside the box fort.

Director Roma Glova - 2 min. - Russian Federation
Strange things start happening after a teenage girl takes a selfie.


2:45 PM - Saturday, September 18, 2021 at RoleCall Theater

Out at Night
Director Christopher Hewitt -  17 min. - United Kingdom

Will, a drifter who has nowhere to go, is offered a ride by Martin, who offers him money and warmth for his brief company. The two find a quiet spot in the woods to park up... but something starts to go bump in the night before they do.

Director Desmond Jackson - 5 min. - USA

Inspired by the mythology of werewolves in Haiti, and taking place in New Orleans, a rebellious teenager desperate for a night of freedom tries to sneak out of the house until he is stopped by a threatening figure.

Directors Paolo Mancini, Daniel Watchorn - 13 min. - Canada

Ridden with guilt after the untimely death of his wife from a rare blood disease, grief-stricken Getty turns his hobby shed into a bloody altar of worship and brutal sacrifice in his relentless search for Redemption. As he descends into madness, many will bleed.

This Is Our Home
Director A.K. Espada - 14 min. - USA

When a bleeding-heart vegan and her pragmatic roommate's rodent infestation intensifies, they find themselves at odds regarding methods that are inhumane yet effective.

Directors Kalev Carrow, Michael Howell - 3 min. - USA

On a restless night, a would-be dreamer is haunted by unshakable regrets.

Director Mark Dollard -  9 min. - Ireland

A heroin addict is pursued by a menacing figure.