Director Adam DeCarlo - 18 min. - USA

A man must confront the pain and trauma of a past relationship, as a former lover unexpectedly arrives on his doorstep.

Director Noah Benjamin Miller - 21 min. - USA

Jonah, a 20 something heroin addict has yet to feel the weight of his issues in life because of his lovable and grandiose approach to everything. However after discovering he has HIV and suffering his first overdose, he is forced to reconcile with the issues that plague him and must stop wearing the (albeit fashionable) masks he wears through life and find a semblance of genuine peace and self respect if he is to make it in the world as a whole human.

1:10 PM - Saturday, September 18, 2021 at RoleCall Theater


The Duchess of Grant Park
Director Brandon Mitchell - 19 min. - USA

The Duchess declares Grant Park as her duchy. James, a journalist making a documentary, has chosen the Atlanta character of The Duchess although he knows nothing about her.

Through the course of the story, James learns more about the Duchess, her history, and her connection to the neighborhood.

Please Boy
Director John Tancredi - 4 min. - USA

Music video for 'Please Boy' by Jay Kay, directed by John Tancredi. In this unabashedly queer narrative Jay Kay explores their gender identity and blossoms into the fairy they always dreamed they could be.

Guillermo Enrique Osorto Campos - 22 min.- Spain

Quique visits Marga at her summer house, where they spent part of their childhood. Once there, Marga's cousin, Diego, awakens in Quique a desire that he didn't know he had until then.