Island Vision
Director Max Ramming - 20 min. - USA

Saving a pristine island to share with others, Sandy West created a hospitable and sustainable community of interdisciplinary artists, scientists and authors with the hope that an idea would be generated to advance the human condition, much like Archimedes’ fulcrum.

11:35 AM - Saturday, September 18, 2021 at RoleCall Theater

Walk, Run, Ride, and Live.
Director Patrick Albright - 7 min. - USA

A man comes to terms with his health and the state of health for an entire race.

We Travel
Directors Ethan Payne, Brian Foster - 13 min. - USA

What if you came across a collection of notes from family members past—notes on how your family came to be; notes on some of the cultural traditions that they built over the years; notes that seem somehow dated, out of time, and to the future?

Director Field Humphrey - 14 min. - USA

Jennif is a Georgia native who has been employing sheep to combat invasive plant species for decades. This cinema verite short documentary takes a look at a day in the life of a Georgia sheep herder as Jennif and her team-including her rambunctious dog Katie-transport sheep throughout the Atlanta area. The film examines a sustainable, environmentally-friendly approach to controlling kudzu, ivy, and other pesky plants that trouble the region.

Director Gustavo Martin - 9 min. - USA

In "Fupa", Cody ponders if she should put her pet rat to sleep, or if it's worth spending the money to get her rat's tumor removed - Cody barely has any money but she loves her little Fupa. (yes, that's the rat's real name)

Bad Boy of Bonsai
Director Alex Moreno - 6 min. - USA

Bad Boy of Bonsai is an experimental art house documentary that focuses on Guy Guidry, a Louisiana local, and his passion for bonsai.


Lines of Exile
Director Eric Patrick - 7 min. - USA

Hamid Naficy’s fifty years of drawings of prominent scholars, philosophers, and theorists form a unique index of the evolution of cultural theory over the last decades. In this portrait, Naficy intimately recounts this evolution through his drawings.

Her Resolve
Director Marissa Dingman - 4 min. - USA

After enduring the loss of her father, a daughter navigates past remorse to find closure by using the creativity he had fostered, and her connection with her younger sister.