Director Brandon Gorrell - 12 min. - USA

In the near future, where virus vaccines are mandatory, a single father tries to protect his daughter from a government-initiated group known as the Vaccination Task Force by planning an escape to one of the few free states that are left.

Door to Door
Director Tom von Dohlen - 6 min. - USA

Door to door vampires use false identities to infiltrate houses during quarantine, but accidentally stumble into a vampire hunter's home.

Unfortunate Accident
Director Ken Merritt - 4 min. - USA

A woman becomes neurotic after a car accident where she cannot find her male passenger. Until she receives a phone call from him that he is on the way. Is this really happening?

Falling Down in Public
Director Allison Radomski  - 6 min. - USA

Have a break-up, get sad, turn 30.
All in the span of twenty-four hours.


Director Bret Miller - 13 min. - USA

While taking a final tour of an investment home, a distracted developer is horrified to discover that the deceased owner never left. And she never will.

​​9:00 PM - Sunday, September 19, 2021 at RoleCall Theater

Killer Listing
Director Conrad Whitaker - 5 min. - USA

A realtor becomes possessed while showing a murder house.


Please Hold
Director Mya-Breyana Morton - 14 min. - USA

Destiny reaches out for help when a series of unfortunate events leads her down a path of depression.

Director Will Dove - 9 min. - USA

After getting the latest dating app for his birthday, Tyler finds love harder to accept than perceived.

Black Girl
Director Joey Lamar Ashley - 5 min. - USA

Black Girl is a short film highlighting the epidemic of missing and mostly forgotten about African American girls, which continues to spread throughout the U.S.

Director Andie Morgenlande - 8 min. - USA

When a courageous young woman is startled awake by vicious stomach pain, she’s forced to confront the battlefield of her pregnant body, and the shadows of her Mother’s tragic past.

Director Ariel Julia Hairston - 13 - USA

While Anali struggles to maintain her control, Jaxon and Dina are forced to decide whether the quality of their relationship with Anali exceeds its new quantity. 'Centerfold' is a short film that explores vulnerability often grown out of love, while challenging the hold it has on us all.

Matches by Neverlyn
Director Casey Wieber - 3 min. - USA

Official Music Video for the song MATCHES by Neverlyn from their album 'Beauty Sleep'.