Tin Foil Turtle
Directors Dillon Tanner, Tom Festo - 5 min. - USA

A woman initiates an encounter while at the beach with family.

Daughter of Ocean
Director James Chu  -13 min. - USA

Chloe is in what she thinks is a real love affair, a relationship full of lies that her bad-lifestyle father sees through.

Don't Fail Me
Director Avril Che - 6 min. - USA

A fiery live action puppet extravaganza set within a psychedelic cardboard universe. A merciless cowboy avenges his damsel-in-distress in a bloodthirsty Crab People slaying spree. This piece serves as the 5th official music video from the Atlanta avant-doom masters, Dead Register.

Break Things & Run
Director Ramsey Telhami - 15 min. - USA

After making an impossible decision in the field, a career warrior attempts to naturalize in a new country.

​Space Mom
Director Jacob McKee  - 7 min. - USA

A grieving son turns to intergalactic postage to find closure.


Director Rees Smith - 3 min. - USA

Stuck in a job that feels all too repetitive, Hannah Nayan's search for something more is explored.


Director Elisee Junior St Preux - 11 min. - USA

In the modern future, a couple attempts to reconcile their relationship by means of hypothetical environmental reconstruction of their circumstances.

Directors Aja M Weary, Amanda Richardson - 4 min. - USA

a 2D-3D hybrid Animation about a man that endures sensory overload from attempting to travel. He and his service animal are denied entry which sends him into a panic. His service animal works to get him back to his senses.


Director Loy Boyter - 11 min. - USA

A photographer struggling with insomnia and depression is given a new perspective on life after receiving a special gift.

Gretel & Hansel: A New Musical
Director Alex Preston - 9 min - USA

Gretel + Hansel is a story about Gretel, who wants more than anything to find her mom. But when her witch stepmother Desiree discovers Gretel has stolen her spellbook, Gretel must join her skeptical brother Hansel on a quest to the Millhouse to uncover the mysterious truth about their family.

Director Harrison Chandler - 14 min. - USA

A beautiful and uplifting story about generational racism in America, Perception follows the life of a single mother Anna Curtis, and her young daughter Jessica Curtis as they transition from a world filled with oppression and prejudice to one overflowed with cultural diversity.

​​7:00 PM - Sunday, September 19, 2021 at RoleCall Theater