This is the Way
Directors Lauren Mary Kim, Amy Johnston - 4 min. - USA

What happens when two friends fight over the last Baby Yoda doll at a comic book store....

Director Kristina Arjona - 6 min. USA

Two Amish teens embark on a rite of passage as they discuss sex, self-discovery, and the taste of cigarettes.

The American Dream
Director Baldev Sandhu - 5 min. - USA

Three immigrants about to cross the border sit around a fire and discuss what "The American Dream" means to them.

The Adventures of Kam & Adam: The Great Printer Fiasco
Director Katie Nahnsen - 14 min. USA

Down on their luck work buddies, Kam and Adam, are on a routine house call to fix a broken printer. Unbeknownst to them, they've stumbled into the wrong house and end up fixing a counterfeit money printer for the Chinese Triad.

Director Zac Cooper - 6 min. - USA

A man copes with his loneliness by befriending a piñata.

Pretty Metal
Director Mikhail Tot - 11 min. - USA

A female-centric dramatic comedy about a pop group gone metal.

​​5:15 PM - Sunday, September 19, 2021 at RoleCall Theater

Director Brittney Rae - 19 min. - USA

An alternate universe of 1957-1967 in a dystopian Miami landscape, Lucy, our lead character, is trapped in a cult-like pool club, an example of a social group reinforcing societal pressures of conformity. In this world, everyone is required to choose a social group to assimilate to at the age of ten, separated by gender and arranged by skin-tone.Julian, her estranged friend from a different social group, invites Lucy to a secret gathering of rogue social group members, (each representing a true civil rights activist of the 60's), who are high in revelry and speak on ideologies rebelling against this American Dream.

The House
Director Liang-Chun Lin - 9 min. - USA

Amy, the kind of person who would steal your vodka and replace it with water, moves into a haunted house for the great rent. She finds herself surrounded by ghosts whose personalities are suspiciously similar to her own. These beings don’t want justice or eternal rest. They want Hulu. They want potato chips. And they expect Amy to help. When Amy can no longer take their harassment, she decides to exorcise them…on a budget, of course.