Director Anthony Misiano - 14 min. - USA

All first days are shit. We follow Wendy's inaugural shift at Tartarus, a down-on-its-luck New York City dungeon. Teeming with strange characters and stranger new experiences, our fledgling Dominatrix discovers a surprising yet rewarding hidden talent.

Weekend At Bernie's 3
Director Brendan Walter -  5 min. - USA

A comedy/horror short film about a house, a cleaner, and some very dead renters.

Ready To Wear
Director Michelle Gomez - 6 min. - USA

There comes a time in every woman’s life when she has to stop caring about what those snobby sales-girls think about her.

The Day Of The Coyote
Director Derek Hayes - 4 min. - United Kingdom

A coldly efficient hitman, with a politician in his sights, finds that ACME isn't the best company to supply sniper’s rifles.

​​3:25 PM - Sunday, September 19, 2021 at RoleCall Theater


The Audition
Director Catherine Dyer - 7 min. - USA

Struggling actress Zoe faces ambivalent casting directors, stiff competition and her own unpredictable emotions before the BIG audition.

Polvotron 500
Director Silvia Conesa - 11 min. - Spain

The year is 2065. Charly is a lonely man who sleeps in an old holographic booth, POLVOTRÓN 500. One night he accidentally activates the resident sexual hologram, «Niky», without knowing that it is a new model with improved quantum intelligence …

Les Dieux Changeants
Director Lucio Arese - 4 min. - USA

An experimental short film which depicts the destruction and collapse of ancient Greek and Roman statues.

Directors Eric Castaneda, Alex Parkinson - 5 min. - USA

A series of off-topic conversations derail a budget planning meeting, leading some team members to question their careers.

Finding Keanu
Directors Verity Butler, Rebecca Holopter - 8 min. - USA

A mockumentary short film about two best friends searching for their guru - Keanu Reeves.

Director Jamie Shriner - 3 min. - USA

A music video to an original song dedicated to filthy cars and reckless drivers everywhere.

Private Enterprise
Director Eli Thomas -  6 min. - USA

A struggling company tries to keep the American Dream alive during an economic crisis.

What The Heck Is Going On?
Director Alexander Bale - 8 min. - USA

When the main character of a sitcom realizes he's literally in a sitcom, he has to find a way out, and save his family.