The Waiting Room
Director Lauren Littlejohn - 4 min. - USA

A woman finds herself questioning reality.

Director Alanna LeBlanc - 4 min. - USA

A young woman reminisces on her relationship with her husband, after his untimely death.

​​1:40 PM - Sunday, September 19, 2021 at RoleCall Theater

Director Aaron Sanders - 13 min. - USA

A man crippled by PTSD flashbacks returns to the garage where his horrible past awaits him.

Minor Chords
Director Natalia Gomez - 3 min. - USA

A ballet dancer must face a tough reality after an accident.


Director Joseph O Hooten - 15 min. - USA

In the not too distant future, we follow LEAH, 36, and her daughter, ARIEL, 7, as they race against the clock to immigrate across the U.S./Mexican border before sunrise. As officers close in, the direction they run becomes less and less clear.

Director Royce Leii - 24 min. - USA

When Fernando returns to his homeland with the hopes to connect his family to their roots, the trip takes a turn for the worst forcing him to come face to face with the dark reality of his beloved home. He is left questioning if he himself still belongs there.

Director Lee Bailey -17 min. - USA

In late 1944, an American paratrooper attempts to find his line near the Belgian-German border. His unique, precarious situation forces him to make unthinkable moral decisions. The ripple effects from those decisions have immediate and life long ramifications.