Defense Contract
Director Doug LeBow - 15 min. - USA

A US marine wounded in combat returns from Afghanistan to confront the defense contractor who manufactured the weapon that disfigured him.

Revenge, Inc.
Director Stephanie West - 8 min. - USA

A young woman in the business of revenge must deal with a curious client.

Blue Bison
Directors Camrus Johnson, Stefano Pennisi - 20 min. - USA

A group of vigilantes abduct wrongdoers and coerce them into confessions, forcing them back on the straight and narrow. Tonight their attempt at justice has unexpected consequences.

Director Justen Mann - 8 min. - USA

After the collapse of civilization, a man tries to open a can of beans.


Writing Class
Director Tianli Liu - 11 min. - USA

A student tells a murder story in class, and the murderer in this story appears to be in the class with her.

The Wick
Director Sabine Crossen - 15 min. - United Kingdom

A dark, period thriller, set in the early 1800's in rural England, seventy-three years after witch hunts were banned. When Esther, a local herbal healer, witnesses her sister's murder at the hands of a lawless but influential religious leader, she realizes only she can put an end to the deceit, blind ignorance and barbarity of these outdated beliefs for good.

​​12:00 PM - Sunday, September 19, 2021 at RoleCall Theater