Fan Fiction
by Colin Chocola - 4 min. 

How far will one man go for his creative vision?

Body and Son
Director Chris Anthony Hamilton - 19 min. 

A young boy finds an unusual father figure when he befriends a dead body.

Director David E. Tolchinsky  - 13 min. 

A policewoman struggles to remember what happened at the old wilson farm, the predicted site of the next murder of a serial killer named Cassandra.


Saturday, sEPTEMBER 5, 2020

​8:30 PM​​

​​​Everyone Will Die
Director Andrew Burn - 7 min. 

In this dark comedy about a meteor disaster that is taking over the world, a couple bickers about whether the news is “real” and how they should proceed. Mia tries to hurry her stubborn boyfriend Ty out of their high-rise apartment while mass chaos, unbeknownst to them, burns the city around them.

​​​Brown With Blue
Director Christian Nolan Jones - 20 min.

The relationship between a young man and woman slowly deteriorates as they struggle to come to grips with a past decision.

Black Pumas - Colors
Director Kristian Mercado - 5 min. 

“Colors” explores the bonds of a young family living in the Bronx. They are displaced after unforeseen circumstances take the family to unexpected places. Despite the challenges facing them, they find joy, hope, and each other. 

Director Kristina Arjona - 10 min. 

A recent divorcee finds solace in an evening with a male escort.