Director Mikail Ekiz - 4 min. 

A gas station convenience store clerk has a Magic 8 Ball for a head which holds the power to predict the future. He lives in a constant state of paranoia, fearing others will discover his secret.

​​​The Body
Director Adam Weber - 12 min. 

A hit man and his potential protege are tasked with burying a body in the countryside but the seemingly simple job takes an unexpected turn.

Director Sanghyun Kim  - 3 min. 

A clumsy retriever takes his eye off his blind owner for a moment and gets into quite a mess.

Director Mike Egan - 12 min. 

A neo-sun worshiper prepares a ceremony of ritual human slaughter to satisfy the solar Gods. Now he only needs two things to fulfill his twisted theology: a sacrificial lamb and a spray tan. And lucky for Martin, airbrush technicians make house calls.


Yeah, I Can Cook
Director Parker Gayan - 7 min. 

A romantic dinner date takes a sharp turn for the worst after it becomes apparent someone may have embellished their culinary skills a little too much.

​​The Remnant
Director Navin Ramaswaran - 17 min. 

A team of con artists posing as paranormal investigators steal from the home of an affluent elderly woman, only to find themselves unleashing a dormant malevolent spirit.

FriDAY, sEPTEMBER 4, 2020

​10:10 PM​​

Directors Sumire Takamatsu, Jorge Lucas  - 10 min. 

A short horror film following a Japanese-American family whose parents scare their child into finishing her food.

Director Jules Lipoff - 6 min. 

What if there was a pill that could cure racism?

​​​​Klaus Eats Butterflies
Director Shane Aquino - 6 min. 

Had anybody known that Molly's DNA code was 14% butterfly, they probably would not have brought Klaus on as a guest seeing as his skin secretes (Z)-9-tetradecenol (Z9-14:OH), hexadecanal (16:Ald) and 6,10,14-trimethylpentadecan-2-ol(6,10,14-trime-15-2-ol).

Dark Passage
Director Roshni "Rush" Bhatia - 1 min.

A part time driver’s last ride of the night may be the last ride of his life.