​​​Make A Wish
Director Dinh Thai - 9 min. 

A light-hearted comedy about the sweetest fiancé giving her boyfriend the best birthday present ever.

Director Gareth Wilkes - 16 min. 

While closing up alone one night at the diner where she works, single mother and student Kate is brutally raped by Paul, a regular customer who mistakes friendly service for a personal connection. When an earthquake traps the two together overnight, their survival becomes dependent and entwined, with the balance of power constantly shifting until only one survives.

Director Xiangyun Li - 4 min. 

This is a girl who wants to escape from her boyfriend and the devil, but ends up unable to escape.

Punch Me
Director Tim Schwagel - 6 min. 

Two girls rob a gas station...poorly.
Hannah is down on her luck, and she turns to her old friend Sammy for help. Unfortunately, Sammy's method isn't really what she was expecting.

​​​Russ & Dru
Director Steven Bennett - 13 min. 

Russ’ ex-girlfriend has moved on. Russ has not. At all. He’s obsessed with checking her Instagram and the ribbing from his brother Zion is not making it any better. Dru is an out of work actress who is obsessed with checking Bumble for love because of course it’s the only way. Right? As we follow their day, we realize these two are perfect for each other, they even complete each other’s sentences. Are they on a crash course for one another? Will it be love at first sight?


​10:10 PM​​

Director Sigin Ojulu - 4 min. 

When three Afro-futuristic aliens land on a troubled planet (earth) they look to the only thing that makes sense in this world - Michelle Obama.


Me Too
Director Jose Luis Anaya - 3 min.

Based on Julio Cortazar's short story "Graffiti", a young man and a young woman find themselves through art even though political pressure wants to separate them.

Loreen's Gotta Boogie
Director Bobby Yan - 15 min.

It's 1978. Loreen is torn between her dreams of being a Soul Train Dancer & honoring her traditional Filipino heritage.

Considerations of Infinity
Director Kira Bursky - 14 min. 

A metaphysical documentary following an artist's mental health journey throughout creating a reality bending immersive installation in her apartment, putting her inner world on display.