​​Brothers Lost
by Timothy Barrera / USA / 4 min. / drama, sci-fi

Broken and surrounded by reminders of his fallen brothers, veteran Jimmy Morton sits alone with a revolver and a glass of whiskey in each hand. As his final moments approach, an opportunity presents itself.

by Daelan Wood / Canada / 8 min.

Two backwoods hicks discover a time machine in the woods. Rather than bet on sports or game the stock market, they use it to hunt each other. Repeatedly. The friends' twisted game quickly spirals out of control.

by Rik Cordero / USA / 20 min.

In the near future, mixed children have a 10% survival rate. After an unexpected financial win, Ana and Mateo can afford a life saving procedure for their child. But when their doctor offers additional 'features' through genetic editing, how far will they go?

HXXS - Seppuku
by Anders Ericsson / USA / 3 min.

Psychedelic, stuttering, spooky. Anders Ericsson's video for electronic duo HXXS' track 'Seppuku' is a time-stuck look at frustration and repetition.

Robo Greaser
by Dakota Arseneault / USA / 9 min.

On the closing day of his beloved roller-rink, Robo Greaser does his best to skate through his final shift.

Meinschaft - The Midday Sun at Midnight

by Haoyan of America / USA / 6 min.

Players and avatars coalesce in an eternal virtual struggle for power.

5% Dad
by Lyall Coburn / South Africa / 10 min.

Following her occultist mother's death, a disillusioned daughter is bequeathed a way to finally connect with the father she never knew.

by Chance White / USA / 20 min.

In a not too distant future, an inmate at a mysterious prison must fight to unlock her mind in order to find the key to her escape.