Made in Georgia Shorts

Friday ​7/20 at 9:15 PM

by Brett Bagwell / USA / 10 min.

A 12-year old boy struggles to understand the loss of his father.

Dixie Hicks: Uncut, Unapologetic, Unfit
by Keller Fornes / USA / 12 min.

A behind the scenes look, with interviews from the actual crew, of the "real" Dixie Hicks while shooting her promotional "Fabulous Over 50" videos.

The Only Thing Certain
 by Shea Allen Borengasser / USA / 6 min.

A strikingly familiar journey into what trouble comes knocking when we think we still have time.

Toilet Man
by Chenyang Shu / 8 min. / USA

A superhero born in a toilet.

Voice of Grace
by Laurel Ripley / USA / 17 min.

Young Grace deals with tumultuous changes in her life by controlling the only thing she can: her voice. This is Grace's journey to finding her voice again.

by Alec Bonk / USA / 4 min.

A troubled man's fantasies lead him down a dark path.

The Colored Girls' Restroom
by Savannah Treena / USA / 9 min.

A racist shop owner is moved by the transformation and creativity of the “Colored Only Restroom” in her boutique.

​​Doug's House
by Jeff Gentner / USA / 15 min.

Doug scores a cheap house on Craigslist only to discover some unique house guest and that this deal might have been to good to be true.



Film Festival

Sept. 16 - 19, 2021