Film Festival

AUG 15-18, 2019

by Hope Hatch / Canada / 15 min.

Charlie must do community service for the crazy lady in town Mrs. Pinkney who believes her three plants are her biological children.

Spell Claire
by Greg Emetaz / USA / 8 min.

Claire purchases an antique educational toy that reignites fond memories from childhood and lays bare the sorry state her life is now in.

Porcelain Stare
by Robin Rippmann / Switzerland / 5 min.

A young girl is invited for tea by an old woman. Little does she know that the woman harbours a terrible secret that will soon be uncovered.

by Ozlem Altingoz / USA / 18 min.

Years ago, in the basement of the Ravencrest Hospital, a deal was made to spare the life of a young child. In exchange for his life, he must give up the soul of his first born, and the time has come for that price to be paid.

by Steve Boyle / Australia / 10 min.

A White collar worker visits an escort with an unusual gift to grant his deepest fantasy.


Writer's Block
by Alex Mendez Giner / USA / 9 min.

A writer in the middle of her creative process, receives a series of anonymous packages with morbidly disturbing content. This mysterious intrusion into her life ignites a war between her anxiety and the work she is struggling to create.

by Tommy Souza / USA / 10 min.

A grieving husband and father, desperately seeks consolation due to a family tragedy which has left him scared and defeated.