Funky Lola
by Julio Mas Alcaraz / Spain / 17 min.

An aging Isabel tries to find a job to help her troubled son. As obstacles arise and her frustration increases, she ends up making a bold and surprising decision.

Asset Management
by Ewan Fletcher / United Kingdom / 8 min.

Lucas is surprised when his boss Mark invites him for a private meeting in an unsettling and isolated location. As drinks are poured and office etiquette is discarded, it soon becomes clear that Mark does not want to discuss business and that he has a very personal axe to grind.

Matthew Gentile / USA / 13 min.

This is his story of Bass Reeves, the first African-American to be deputized by the U.S. Marshal service, and the greatest hero of the Old West you’ve never heard of.  

by Steven Lapcevic / USA / 6 min.

A reliable glut of misinformation.

The Dark Room
by Morgane Segaert / France / 20 min.

France, 1910. As her mother suffers from a mysterious illness that she intends to hide, the young Cassandre feels a growing presence in her home ... What shadow hides in the silence of the dark room?

Do No Harm
by Marielle Woods  / USA / 8 min

A combat medic attempts to hold on to humanity in the midst of a war much bigger than himself. A medic's job is to fix people up, but how does that obligation reconcile with someone who is trained to fight and may be asked to kill?

Drama Shorts #2

Saturday ​7/21 at 6:00 PM

by Lio Mehiel / USA / 8 min.

A young, gender-queer person returns home to find his family has left, and the house has been sold. Perhaps they would still be there if he had come home as the Jane they all know.