Caravan of Cannibals
by Blake Studwell   / USA / 5 min.

Stranded in the middle of nowhere, a metal band must take extreme measures to survive.

by Trevor Dillon, Ian Hock / USA / 16 min.

A blind date takes a monstrous turn as a young couple meets on a cold Christmas night.

Game Night
by Will Amato / USA / 3 min.

A young couple attend a casual game night at their new neighbors' home. The evening turns into disaster as the hosts take things way too seriously.

Life Partner
by Mairin Hart / USA / 5 min.

An elderly woman hires a male prostitute to seek revenge on her now quadriplegic husband.

The App
by Julián Merino / Spain / 15 min.

This new app just wants you to be happy.

Hangover Food
by Ross McGowan / United Kingdom / 10 min.

After a night out, Bruce wants to get back on it, but has a hard time convincing Lee, who feels like death; figuratively and literally.

Dark Comedy Shorts

Saturday ​7/21 at 7:30 PM

Red Arrow
by John Karsko / USA / 5 min.

Running late to an important dinner, a man finds himself stuck at a red light that refuses to change.

Hector Felix
by William Bagley / USA / 5 min.

Hector Felix. Custodian.

All Aboard the Gravy Train
by Andrew Benedict / USA / 10 min.

Kenny goes grocery shopping in the middle of the night to avoid interaction, but his whole life is challenged when he meets someone named Gary, who happens to be a giant, talking can of gravy.

Hope in a Box
by Michael Dow / United Kingdom / 7 min.

On Sunday morning the council offices were empty apart from two employees. At 9.20am they were abducted and taken to an unknown location. Kidnapped, tied up and locked in a box, unlikely heroes Ally and Mark have to make a decision. Do they stay or get out?